Interior Racing Association brings a variety of competitors to Delta Dirt Track

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 6:00 PM AKDT
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Motor Racing in the Interior has taken off this summer, with spectators itching for some sort of action. From the Mitchell Raceway, to the North Pole Speedway, to the Delta-Junction Fairgrounds, motor heads are bringing their best machines to the tracks to show the crowd what they got and leave the competitors in the dust.

In Delta on Saturday, the Interior Racing Association held its second of three events of the summer for Dirt Drags and MudX races.

Delta has hosted racing events since 1992 and with only a few events a year, the participants and spectators branch well-beyond the Delta community. In the 4-wheeler 2x4 category, Marcos Nunez, took the crown with a total time of 21.174 seconds. Nunez, a soldier at Fort Greely, moved from Puerto Rico about seven years and has been intrigued and accepted by the sport ever since.

“It is a different culture but at the same time, we are a family,” said Nunez. “The track is perfect, I really love it. The staff was super friendly, super cool. The environment, everyone is a family, having a good time.”

Many of the competitors get introduced at the sport at a young age, such as 13-year old rider Lucas Nelson, who got his first four-wheeler at the age of three. Nelson finished runner-up in the Youth ATV category, but for him, it is not about winning and losing, and he wants other young riders to share the same mentality.

“You don’t want to listen to people and be like, ‘maybe they are right, maybe I am not good at this,’ said Nelson. “It is not about how good you are, it is just about having fun.”

Several prizes were handed out to the winners, but for some of the competitors like Nelson and Nicholas Keller, it is more than where they finish in the standings. Keller’s team, “In Too Deep Racing”, raises funds and resources for veterans and first responders dealing with mental illnesses.

“It is amazing, we have helped so many people so far,” said Keller, who took victories in the Side-By-Side and MudX events. " We are gaining veterans and first responders by the day, we are helping them out tremendously. We are doing what we can, trying to do our part here in Alaska, instead of just a broad range of helping, we are doing it here, where our home is, so we take care of our people here.”

Like many organizations at the beginning of the summer, the Interior Racing Association was unsure whether they would be able to host any events this year. After two successful races so far, board member Brooke Seegar was excited to see the season pan out.

“I think it meant a lot to all of us,” said Seegar. “It is something that we look forward to in the summer and it is something we know a lot of the people in the area look forward to, so the fact that we were still able to do it meant a lot.”

The third and final event for the Interior Racing Association is the Dirt Drag Summer Championships on August 8, with many of the same events. In the final installment of the season series, they hope to implement a Junior MudX event.

Saturday’s Complete Results

4-Wheeler 2x4

1. Marcos J. Nunez - Time: 21.174

2. Rene Huyke - Time: 22.1

3. Steven Viera - Time: 22.503

4. Brian Ortiz - Time: 22.503

5. Rodney Maldonda - Time: 27.788

6. Eric S. Rosario - Time : 76.491

7. John Serino - Time: 79.146

4-Wheeler 4x4

1. Caleb Lawhorne - Time: 19.306

2. Caleb Pugh - Time: 19.605

3. Chase Meyer - Time: 20.897

4. Miguel A. Melecio Vazquez - Time: 21.875

5. Josue Medero - Time: 22.283

Side-By-Side (SXS)

1. Nicholas Keller - Time: 18.209

2. Tina Craig - 19.258

3. Tony Greene - Time: 20.124

4. Amanda Nicole Bunselmeier - Time: 20.90

Youth ATV

1. Blake Sause - Time: 19.221

2. Lucas Nelson - Time: 22.768

Youth ACE

1. Gavin Rogers - Time: 26.729

2. Brynden Rogers - Time: 27.765

MudX Naturally Aspirated

1. Gerald Pugh

2. Adam McNabb

MudX Turbo

1. Nicholas Keller

2. Grant Endres

3. Tony Greene

4. Austin McNamee

5. Jason Pugh

Women’s MudX

1. Amanda Nicole Bunselmeier

2. Tina Craig

3. Sandra Hepler

4. Courtney Durham

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