Republican Ryan Smith runs for Alaska House of Representatives District 6

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 4:05 PM AKDT
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Ryan Smith is running for District 6 of the Alaska House of Representatives in the upcoming primary election.

Smith said he decided to run because he thinks “it’s important that district 6 has the representation that we’re used to having, somebody with conservative values, and is able to incorporate their integrity and make sure they’re voting in a way that the district represents.”

Smith considers the administration of Bill Walker to be the worst in the state’s history because the Permanent Fund Dividend was cut and the budget was increased. “We’ve actually managed to go through about 12 billion dollars in reserves that were set aside for a rainy day. Unfortunately those days were cloudy. Now with COVID this year, a drop in oil prices and a drop in production, this is a rainy day. Next year is going to be very difficult to manage the budget.”

He described himself as a budget person. “I managed budgets the majority of my 25 years of management experience, and I don’t anticipate we’re even going to have enough revenue to cover the K through 12 education budget this year, let alone the budget as a whole. So we need to start looking for ways in which we can cut the budget responsibly, and make sure the state is able to perform the duties it’s required to do and then start setting aside the ones that it does on top of that, to see if any of those are needed, or if we can even afford them this year.”

As a representative, Smith said that he would not jump over to the coalition like many Republicans have in the past. “As a representative, our job is to be the voice of our district and represent the actual voice of the people that we represent. Not just do a vote for them, but be a vote as them.”

Smith emphasized the importance of the PFD to the Alaskan economy.

“As Alaskans, we look out for one another. Fairbanks is the Golden Heart City, but really you consider Alaska the Golden Hearted State. We are easy when it comes to donating money to help out charitable events, when it comes out to helping our neighbors. We still stop when people are pulled over on the side of the road to make sure they’re okay, because that is really the Alaskan way. We look out for one another, and one way of doing that is to ensure that everybody gets their PFD,” he said.

Smith will be on the Republican Primary ballot as a representative for District 6. Also on the ballot are Julie Morris and Mike Cronk. The primary will take place on August 18th.

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