PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Biggie, a one-year old Guinea Pig

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 4:59 PM AKDT
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She loves it when you call her Big Papa... “so throw your hands in the air, if you a true carer!”

Biggie is a sweet guinea pig with a unique look and a friendly face! Meet her in this Wednesday edition of Pet of the Week!

Here’s what Kimberly Imbert, Animal Shelter Operations Supervisor with Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, had to say:

“­Hi, I’m Kimberly and this week’s pet of the week is Biggie. Biggie is a one year old female guinea pig who is part teddy. She has this really unique fur texture. She came to the shelter because she was picking on one of the other guinea pigs in the home but not all of the other guinea pigs. Right now she is licking my hand which is super cute. Biggie is really friendly and she does get along with some guinea pigs, but it can be really difficult to introduce guinea pigs to new friends. It is really important for them to have friends though because they are extremely social animals. They don’t have a lot of requirements as far as pets go. They need a clean cage, lots of hay to chew on because their teeth grow constantly, clean water and fresh veggies because they actually do need Vitamin C. Guinea pigs are really fun pets. they are really vocal and they usually know the sound of a refrigerator and the sounds of bags opening so they will let you know that they are super excited to have treats. They are really great pets for people who need a smaller pet, one that stays indoors, and they’re just really fun to have. Biggie is hoping to find a loving home that will take really good care of her. She also has other small animal, dog, and cat friends looking for loving homes as well.”

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