Far North BMXers take on state qualifiers

Published: Jul. 16, 2020 at 4:51 PM AKDT
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Far North BMXers take on state qualifiers. (Aaron Walling/KTVF, July 15, 2020)
Far North BMXers take on state qualifiers. (Aaron Walling/KTVF, July 15, 2020)((Aaron Walling/KTVF, July 15, 2020))


Tucked behind the neighborhoods out past Washington Drive is the Far North BMX track, the only nationally certified BMX track in Alaska. Numerous athletes took to the dirt for the July 16 state qualifiers. From the intermediate classes to the novices, there were races for all ages.

“Yeah, it’s really fun to watch the riders progress as they get stronger you know you see it during the season you see the returning riders improving year to year,” said Far North BMX President Joel Buth. “We’ve got a lot of new riders this year that are getting a lot more stable and control on the bikes and having a lot more fun with it and it’s I just love watching how much fun they have.”

These state qualifiers served as a precursor for their state championships in early August.

Here are the results from qualification matches:

46-50 Intermediate: Luke Buth

17-20 Intermediate: Kael Robinett

15 Intermediate: Finn Thompson

13 Intermediate: Aiden Summers

11 Intermediate: Elias Holan

9 Intermediate: Liam Hollingsworth

12 Novice: Landon MacNaughton

11 Novice: Myles Werle

10 Novice: Benjamin Altamirano

9 Novice: Derek Ladd

8 Novice: Oliver Taylor

7 Novice: Matthew Hays

6 Novice: Oliver Brewer

5 Novice: Benny Rice

46-50 Cruiser: John Aldabe

31-35 Cruiser: Greg Kreta

17-20: Luke Buth

41-45 Women Cruiser: Paulette Buth

13-14 Girls Cruiser: Ellie Buth

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