Nonpartisan Dr. Al Gross runs for U.S. Senate representing Alaska

Published: Jul. 21, 2020 at 4:14 PM AKDT
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Dr. Al Gross is running as a nonpartisan candidate for U.S. Senate representing the state of Alaska. He is running to replace incumbent Republican Senator Dan Sullivan.

Dr. Gross said he decided to run because he cares about Alaska and does not like the direction the state or the country is going.

“Our country’s splitting apart more and more. Our state has had the highest unemployment rate in the country for a number of years. We’ve lost residents from the state of Alaska for the last 3 years, and we’re being hit incredibly hard by COVID-19. So we need to turn that around to find ways to invite businesses to move to Alaska, and for businesses that are already in Alaska, so that they can thrive. And I don’t see that happening under Senator Sullivan’s leadership.”

As a Senator, Gross says he “would like to encourage economic development in the state and bring opportunities back to the state for our kids so they have something to come home to. Alaska’s been doing very poorly economically for the last four or five years leading up to COVID-19. We’re doing very, very poorly as a result of the worldwide pandemic, and we need to do some things differently if we’re going to change things around here in the state and have a bright future.”

Dr. Gross sees expensive health care as a barrier to businesses coming to Alaska. “To encourage businesses to move to the state means we need to lower the barriers of entry to the state, and Alaska has the most expensive health care system in the entire country, and as long as health care costs remain as high as they are, there’s no reason why businesses outside of resource extraction would ever want to move to Alaska,” he said.

To Dr. Gross, the COVID-19 pandemic “only underscored the need to send science-based or healthcare-based professionals to the Senate to help guide some of the other senators in some of the really difficult decisions that have to be made as a result of the pandemic and potential pandemics in the future so that we’re better prepared.”

He said he is an independent who understands the state. “My opponent, I believe, is representing outside interests, outside corporate interests, and isn’t acting in the best interest of the state, and who pretty much acts as though he is a rubber stamp to his party and to the president, and I think Alaska deserves a more independent voice than that.”

Dr. Gross is running against Chris Cumings and Edgar Blatchford in the non-Republican primary election on August 18th.

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