Nonpartisan candidate Alyse Galvin runs for U.S. House of Representatives

Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 4:08 PM AKDT
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Nonpartisan candidate Alyse Galvin in running to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently held by Don Young.

Galvin said she is running in order to make Alaska a place for the next generation.

“We have a lot of work to do to secure jobs first. We want our families to take care of their own. And we need the education that connects to those jobs. And what we still haven’t solved is health care, which is really strangling our small businesses from their opportunities to grow. In a post pandemic era, all of that work is going to come to play even more so,” she said.

According to Galvin, the first thing Alaska needs to do is make sure that the public health crisis is solved. “Then it’ll be putting back together our economy. Our education system is going to look a little different. I want to make sure that it’s definitely connecting our young kids in Alaska to our jobs here in Alaska. There are some pieces of infrastructure that we could use, not only in rebuilding and maintaining some of what we already have in place, but it’s time to bring in some new pieces.” Galvin said these new pieces include ports, roads, bridges and broadband internet.

“Right now everybody wants to take care of their families. They want to have jobs. They want to make sure that the education’s connected to the jobs and that somebody’s in there really working hard for the changes in healthcare that are strangling our small business. So I hope that they’ll look up on my website more about me. I’d like to earn their support. But I think there’s a lot of alignment. I’m independent, like many Alaskans are. Alaskans just want somebody to get back to Washington and do the work. We should be able to pass budgets,” she said.

Galvin emphasized the importance of changes to the education system in Alaska. “Our education system hasn’t been fully working to its full capacity. We are still at maybe 60 percent of our children reading at full grade level. We have a lot of work to do to make sure we’re accomplishing what we need to accomplish, so that our kids are getting the best jobs here in Alaska. So I look to make sure that from cradle all the way to career, we’re making the mark.”

Galvin thinks Alaska needs to hold on to federal dollars being received for the university system. “I am a very big believer that Alaskans have every bit of know-how as anyone else in the nation. We just need to make sure that we have a good education system that helps them have the opportunities to do whatever it is they want to do here. We should be growing our own engineers, our own healthcare providers and educators.”

Galvin is running against Ray Tugatuk and Bill Hibler on the non-republican ballot for the primary on August 18th.

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