Republican incumbent Mike Prax runs for District 3 in the Alaska State Legislature

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 4:00 PM AKDT
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Republican Mike Prax is running to continue representing District 3 in the Alaska State Legislature.

He said he is running because after being appointed to the position in February of this year, there is need for follow-up.

Prax said, “There’s going to have to be some hard questions asked about the level of services the state provides, and how they provide those services.”

He wants to see the full statutory Permanent Fund Dividend paid out. “Individuals are eligible for the amount, according to a statutorily driven formula, and the state is accumulating a debt to individuals, in the same way that we have a debt for the unpaid tax credits to those folks that explored for oil up on the North Slope. They have a debt. You don’t ignore your debts. You face them and pay them off. That’s what we’re expected to do as individuals, and so therefore that’s what the state should be expected to do.”

Prax added, “There’s got to be a debate. If collectively the legislature doesn’t want to pay out that much, they have the authority to change the statute, but they shouldn’t simply ignore the statute.”

He said the government should stick to the business of governing and not deciding the services being provided to people.

“If it’s a community service, the people in the borough should be paying for those services, and if it’s an individual service, individuals should be able to make the decision where to spend the money rather than the legislature. I think that having the legislature make all of these decisions about what is provided just causes unnecessary contention and distrust amongst people,” he said.

According to Prax, people need to let their opinions be known.

“I don’t think that, certainly not one representative, and even the collective 40 representatives in the house have much control over the process. It’s controlled by the specific groups that are benefiting from the state subsidies and the individuals who think that needs to be change. We need to quit complaining amongst ourselves, figure out the process, how it works, and have our voice known where it counts to counter all of the different special interest groups that now control spending in the state,” he said.

Prax is running unopposed in the Republican primary ballot on August 18th.

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