Construction Report: Changes coming to College Road, Illinois Street intersection

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Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 4:47 PM AKDT
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The intersection of College Road and Illinois Street is under construction until the end of August. The project will change the merge lane from Illinois Street downtown, towards College Road Eastbound. The project will also widen College Road, making it easier for motorists to make U-turns and access businesses on College Road.

“What we are doing here is pulling in the right turn lane so it is with all the other lanes,” said Information officer Caitlin Frye with the Alaska Department of Transportation.

This is part of an ongoing effort to make intersections in Fairbanks safer. Frye said having cars perpendicular to the intersection will increase visibility and make turning right safer. They are also going to be widening College Road near the intersection.

“That’s going to make it a little bit easier to make a U-turn at the light at College and Illinois if you are coming from the Steese so that you can get into those businesses that now have a median in front of them,” Frye said.

She said that motorists will be allowed to make a U-turn at the light. In Alaska, U-turns are legal at any intersection unless there are signs preventing them. However, Frye did say that during the construction drivers will have to continue to the Johansen intersection to make a U-turn to access businesses along College Road.

The project is not expected to close the road, and businesses access will remain open during the entirety of the project.

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