Democrat Bill Hibler runs to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 4:03 PM AKDT
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Democrat Bill Hibler is running to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently held by Don Young.

Hibler said he is running for office to restore democracy to the national Democratic Party.

“I believe the Alaska Democrats in the state are doing very well, but at the national level, under the leadership of an aging Speaker Pelosi, even though there are a number of very good representatives in Congress, both Democratic and Republican, Congress has done effectively nothing over the last two years, other than impeach a divisive but duly elected president. And this just isn’t the way to do Democracy,” he said.

“There are two sides to every story, and you have to be willing to listen to other people and other people’s opinions to be an effective legislator or to do effective legislation,” he added.

Hibler discussed various issues on his platform, including climate change, racial inequality and the handling of the coronavirus.

“These are issues we’ve got to handle, and necessity is the mother of invention. If we don’t handle these in the next four years, then we’re in trouble. So we have to do it. And we can’t do it under the present partisan system. We have to proceed in a bipartisan manner.”

He explained that one of his priorities as a representative would be to remove Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House. “If I don’t succeed at all this, of removing Pelosi... well, I can caucus with Republicans and I can operate in committees and other ways to at least move issues like climate change forward and other issues that impact Alaskans.”

Hibler added, “It’s not my intention to serve forever in congress. I look at it as a four- to eight-year public service, and if I can’t really make progress and get things done, then I expect the voters to vote me out.”

According to Hibler, his father was a state legislator from Missouri for 16 years. “I did grow up in an environment where you could see that politics was the art of getting things done, not the art of exercising power. And so I know it can be done, and I come from a family that believes in public service. You don’t go to Congress so you have a good job and can wield power. You go to Congress to move the country forward, and that’s my sense of what a public servant is doing.”

Hibler said he identifies himself in some of his literature as a Harry Truman Democrat. “Harry Truman once said that, ‘If you want a friend in D.C., get a dog.’ Now, I have a dog, so I’m set to go.”

Hibler is running against Alyse Galvin and Ray Sean Tugatuk on the non-Republican primary ballot on August 18th.

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