Republican Jer Heikes runs to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives

Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 4:10 PM AKDT
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Republican Gerald “Jer” Heikes is running to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently occupied by Don Young.

He said he is running because what he sees in Congress “doesn’t fit the narrative for anybody being truthful and honest.”

“I see every politician up there grandstand[ing] for some reason, then they lie about anything and everything to get what they want. That’s something I cannot do, is be able to lie or compromise because I’m a born-again Christian, which makes me a perfect target for the left, and lying is not part of life. If you can’t be truthful about what you’re doing and be honest in your opinions and what you have to say, then the deception won’t work for you as a human being going through life.”

According to Heikes, if he gets to Washington, there are things on the floor of the House that he would love to talk about. “This started out as a godly nation. Now we’re an ungodly nation, and everybody’s pointing fingers and they’re backbiting like little children and squabbling and they’re putting on shows and antics because of the camera. But they’re actually hiding their true selves in the lies that they’re putting forth.”

Heikes said he’d like to make Alaska a place where children can grow up and be safe. “We can have laws that protect us from illegal aliens -- that if you’re an American citizen and you’re attacked, or something happens to you and your family because of an illegal alien, they are shipped out of the country to like Guantanamo Bay. We’ll have like a three-judge military panel try them. And if they caused harm enough or they murder an American citizen, then they’ll be immediately sentenced to death, taken out in the back of the courthouse and done in. And there should be a cremation facility there, because there’ll be a lot of people going there.”

He added, “If they find that they are not worthy of death, then they’re deported back to their home country; but if they are found back in America illegally, then they go back and face the death penalty again and from the same three-judge court.”

Heikes would also like to see a federal loan for road-building in Alaska. “We need to build roads in Alaska. We need to build roads from Fairbanks to Nome, to Bethel, to branch out like that and fill in the blanks,” he said, adding, “A lot of people outside don’t realize that half the stuff is either flown in or barged into Alaska, and we need a decent roadway system that spans the whole state.”

He said, “From the first of January to the first of May, 9,900,000 babies were aborted worldwide. And since the COVID thing came on, there’s 150,000 deaths due to former ailments that people have and things of that nature. We spent trillions of dollars, yet we murder, at an unprecedented rate, the unborn. That has to stop.”

Heikes is running against John Nelson and Don Young on the Republican Primary Ballot on August 18th.

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