Democrat incumbent Grier Hopkins runs for reelection to District 4 of the Alaska State Legislature

Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 4:08 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Democrat incumbent Grier Hopkins is running to continue representing District 4 in the Alaska State Legislature.

He said he is running because after defending the permanent fund from raids and putting forward responsible budgets that protected K-12 education and the university, there’s still a lot of work left to do.

“We have to go down and continue to put forward a long-term energy plan, and even more importantly, a long-term fiscal plan. And we have to work together across the aisle to find ways of solving our state’s future so it’s more sustainable and predictable, so our economy can keep growing,” he said.

Hopkins also said he would like to protect the university system. “It’s been impacted hard over the last five or so years, and defending the university from continued cuts is going to be critical for our economy and the future of our state, as so many of the solutions and the ideas for that come from that university and are generated from the campuses all across the state.”

According to Hopkins, “We need a candidate who doesn’t put party first, but puts Alaska first -- and I have a record of my entire political career working across the aisle. Whether it’s with the Senate, and healing animosities between the House and the Senate, working with Republicans and Democrats, especially here in the Interior Delegation, to make sure our hospital gets the voice and support it needs as the CARES Act funding comes through, fighting for education, fighting for energy plans, those sort of things are what we need in a legislator -- being able to work with everybody, no matter their political background -- because Alaska is simply too small to go it alone, and have these factions separating us all the time.”

Hopkins identified long-term budgeting as a priority. “We’ve never had that in our state. We’ve always had boom-and-bust budgeting, where we have really high times where we can build up our construction industry fantastically, but then we see the price of oil drop out from below us and go into recessions. So what is a long-term plan that allows our state to grow predictably and sustainably, as opposed to having the fossil fuel rollercoaster impact our economy and lives here just decade after decade?”

The candidate went on to say “If we’re going to have a solid fiscal future for Alaska we have to make sure that we have those long-term fiscal regimes -- so making sure we earn revenue off the permanent fund, and don’t raid it for short-term gains, to make sure we continue to develop our North Slope resources and resources across the state at the same time as balancing that with protecting our environment, because we are at the forefront of climate change here in Alaska.'

Hopkins is running unopposed in the non-Republican Primary Ballot on August 18th.

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