Democrat Christopher Quist runs for District 1 in the Alaska State Legislature

Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 4:10 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Democrat Christopher Quist is running to represent District 1 in the Alaska State Legislature. This seat is currently held by Bart LeBon.

Quist said he is running to represent the people of Fairbanks and to be their voice in the legislature.

He said he is running to “bring my six years of legislative experience to fight for what’s important to them -- to fight for educational justice, access to public schools that are properly funded, fighting for university funding.”

Quist identified air quality as another issue that’s important to him. “We all deserve to have clean air and clean water, so environmental justice.” He went on to say, “It really falls to the state now. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) isn’t prepared to do this, and the borough no longer has the legal authority to regulate the air quality effectively.”

He said, “I’d like to effectively fight for what the people of House District 1 want. And in talking with people that live and work in the district, I think it’s clear that folks want to have public schools that are adequately funded, and not only adequately funded, but also future funded, in that the school district can make a budget that makes sense for the years to come.”

Quist added, “When talking to the people in the district, I hear that they want to have vocational programs and the university adequately funded. So fighting for education, that’s one thing that I’d like to accomplish.”

He said he’s clearly the strongest candidate for the election in November. “Elections matter, and your vote matters. This district was won by Bart LeBon by one vote two years ago, and we have a real opportunity to flip this district -- and I’m clearly the strongest candidate to do that based on my upbringing, born and raised here in Fairbanks, my ability to talk and work with folks here in the district and across the political spectrum, and my six years of legislative experience.”

Quist talked about the long-term fiscal future of Alaska. “We can no longer cut. We can’t cut our way out of this problem. State programs have already been cut far too deeply. We need to look for new revenues, and there are two obvious choices. One is undoing the damage of SB 21 by getting Alaska’s fair share of oil and gas taxes.”

The other choice, according to Quist, would involve looking toward a broad-based tax. “That needs to be a progressive tax, whatever it is, something like an income tax, and that could probably be implemented as a percent of federal tax liability -- but there’s lots of ways that could be done.”

Quist is running against Bennie Colbert on the non-Republican primary ballot on August 18th.

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