Far North BMX hold state championships

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 8:43 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - After a rain delay on August 12, the racers for Far North BMX held their state championships after a summer full of races. From novice to cruiser classes, over 100 racers took on the only certified BMX track in Alaska.

“I think it was very important because a lot of places are shut down right now and BMX is a great way to let out some energy and stuff and just forget about what’s going on in the world,” said Kristy Miller. “It’s been pretty cool, just like it becomes like a family once you’ve been here for a long time you just get used to all the people and stuff.”

“It’s pretty cool, I mean I like that it is the only track here and it’s also like, I don’t know just a fun thing to do during the summer.” said Ellie Buth.

“Being a part of this BMX community is pretty special. I feel definitely accepted in here.” said Elias Engman.

State Championships Results

5 & Over Balance Bike: Dean Schmitz

3 Balance Bike: James Dugas

1-2 Balance Bike: Nora Rice

13-14 Girls Cruiser: Kristy Miller

41-45 Women’s Cruiser: Paulette Buth

17-20 Cruiser: Nicholas Buth

46-50 Cruiser: Joel Buth

5 & Under Novice: Benny Rice

6-7 Novice: Matthew Hays

8 Novice: Dalton Higham

9 Novice: Derek Ladd

10 Novice: Bryce Gaddis

11 Novice: Imari Snowden

12 Novice: Olive Kreta

14 Novice: Maiko Garcia

36-40 Novice: John Aldabe

8 Intermediate: Liam Hollingsworth

9 Intermediate: Liam Brewer

11 Intermediate: Zephyr Thompson

13 Intermediate: Aiden Summers

15 Intermediate: Finn Thompson

17-20 Intermediate: Christopher McKee

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