Republican John Nelson runs to represent Alaska in U.S. House of Representatives

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 4:14 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Republican John Nelson is running to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently held by Don Young.

Nelson said he decided to run because there is no plan for Young’s succession.

“What company, large company that you know of allows their CEO to pass away in office, or while serving, without a succession strategy? None. Very little. Accidents do happen. In fact, that’s how Congressman Young got into office 47 years ago,” he said.

Nelson added, “Who better to send back to Washington than a financial advisor who works in the financial services industry? We’re dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and a 27 trillion dollar debt -- and with my expertise, that’s all in my wheelhouse. So I feel I’m perfectly positioned to do that.”

Nelson is concerned that allowing the transfer of Alaska’s congressional voice to take place in a general election would open it up to socialism and communism. “That’s deeply concerning because we the people are the government, and the governor of our country, but we don’t recognize that authority. We’ve given it away to the federal government. States’ rights are super important to me. Protecting the constitutional rights and the unalienable rights of all Alaskans is deeply important, and I want to preserve that for my children’s children.”

Nelson said he would like to enact a “Golden Rule Act”, which would work to restore ethics and integrity in government. “The Golden Rule Act would require all elected officials to complete a job application and fill out why they are qualified for that position.” He added that the act would “establish term limits, the real term limits that we need, which are immediate recall. If a Senator gets out of order and acts unappropriately, we can pull them back immediately. That’s the kind of recall we really need, and our forefathers designed our government to do just that.”

Nelson talked about the binding caucus in Alaska. “Is it coercion, is it bribery, or is it both? It’s not just plain bad policy, I’d argue that it’s against the law. Yet we allow our elected officials to unethically break the laws or bend them to their benefit. The binding caucus forces someone to sign a contract, even if it’s verbally, that hasn’t even been written yet -- to go along and get along with the minority of the people that are pulling the strings, trying to give favors -- and if they don’t go along with the binding caucus, they’re stripped of their rights.”

“If you want more of the same, vote the same way you’ve been voting before. If you want a change, I make myself available,” he said.

Nelson is running against Don Young and Gerald “Jer” Heikes in the Republican primary on August 18th.

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