Tim Doran runs for Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board Seat E

Published: Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:11 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Tim Doran is running to continue serving on seat E of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District School Board.

Doran said he is running for reelection because education is his calling.

“I love students, parents, staff. I’ve got about 40 years in education, in town and in rural areas, overseas as well as here. And it’s my passion. And basically I said, when I stopped being a principal, which I was for over thirty years, working directly with kids and staff and parents, ‘How can I use that experience, what they’ve taught me, what I’ve learned, what I’ve gained?’ And school board was a natural. It’s a service that I can give back to the community,” he said.

Doran said a nice part of education is that it’s always changing and always evolving. “Every new student brings a new element into it. So as a board member, [I need] to make sure that I keep an open mind, that I listen, that I draw upon experiences, but also make sure that I’m staying up to date and looking at the new aspects that we need to keep in mind for students, changing things for families, for our community.

“What I hope to bring is that listener, that forward-thinking, that commitment to providing the best education we can in town. It’s not just a specific issue because we’re always evolving, and we have to respond. Right now it’s the pandemic impacts. That’s new. How do we respond to that effectively?” he said.

According to Doran, the bottom line is a good, solid, comprehensive education. “It’s teaching our students to be competent, confident, caring, contributing citizens. And one that I add is curious. How do they ask questions? What are the right questions to ask?”

“How do we make sure that all students are engaged? Right now we have issues of who’s got connectivity, who doesn’t. Other times it’s making sure of who feels welcome when they come into the school, whether it be a parent or a student,” he said, adding, “When a child walks in that door, I have to make sure they feel welcome, whatever else is going on in their life, and that they feel valued, and then watch them grow and encourage that.

Doran said he wants the best for kids. “They’re part of a family. They’re part of a community. And that’s where parents [and] staff really become part of our broader community. I try to take that broad view. I’ve had opportunities, not only in Fairbanks, where I’ve been for the last 30 years, but when I’ve taught and been a principal out in village schools.”

He said he’s taken part in education by going overseas and helping develop a strategic plan for education, and lobbied for education in Washington. “I think these perspectives are helpful so that as Fairbanks, we’re not just an isolated island. But how do we fit, not only in our local community, in our state, but much more on a national, a global perspective, so we’re not, our kids aren’t left behind?”

Doran is running against Jeffrey Rentzel in the municipal elections on October 3rd.

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