Shaun Tacke runs for Borough Assembly Seat E

Published: Sep. 1, 2020 at 4:08 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Shaun Tacke is running to serve on Seat E of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. This seat is currently held by Jimi Cash.

Tacke said he is running because he feels like he can make a difference.

“I actually bring a pragmatic approach to viewing all the issues that come before the assembly. Having already been on there for three years, I know what it takes. I really wanted to get back on it last year, and I lost my election that year. And so this is another chance for me to get back into politics again. I really enjoy listening to all the issues that affect our community and being able to be involved and make the changes that are necessary that our community needs.”

Tacke thinks one of the biggest issues affecting the community is the population drop. “About three percent a year is approximately where we have people leaving -- so trying to keep people here, and keeping our community enticing to the people that come back to Fairbanks, Alaska. A lot of people will be raised here, then they’ll go get educated, and then they’ll stay away -- [so] trying to get people to come back, making sure that we have appropriate taxes that are spread evenly amongst everybody, and not so much just on property owners like we have now.”

He said it’s important to properly fund education. “To be able to have an educated populace is what makes a successful populace,” Tacke said.

He also said it’s about “Making sure that we actually try and take our efforts to make sure that we have clean air. PM 2.5 is a real problem, and we’re going to have a big, serious plan that’s going to be coming down from the EPA. And it’s going to actually affect everybody immensely.” Tacke then added, “The EPA is going to be bringing down substantial requirements on point sources, which will increase the cost for everyone’s energy bills and electric bills. And so we’re going to be seeing a lot of different changes coming that way, and trying to implement and make changes ahead of time is the best plan that we can do.”

According to Tacke, he tends to view all issues from every angle. “I try to bring the most pragmatic approach possible. I’ll be pretty staunch in my ideas on something that I have -- but if I hear evidence otherwise, I’m quick to change my opinion if facts and circumstances point us in a more appropriate direction. And I like to be able to make sure that we’re going in the right direction.”

He added, “I think that I am easy to talk to. I’m approachable, and I like presenting ideas and discussing and debating them with others on the assembly and trying to win hearts and minds to go to the best path.”

Tacke said he’s a lifelong Fairbanksan raising two kids that are growing up in the school system. “I understand the pressures that are involved in trying to maintain the pandemic situation that we have while still trying to have some normalcy in our education programs.”

Tacke is running against Cash in the municipal elections on October 6th.

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