Moose Creek water expansion project nears completion

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 4:49 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) -As part of remediation efforts due to contamination of ground water in Moose Creek from Eielson Air Force Base, a new water line has been installed in the affected area.

Bill Butler, Director of City Services in North Pole, explained the current state of the development and commented on when the people of Moose Creek can expect the new utility to begin service: “The installation of the piping is about 100% complete. There are just a few connections. Part of the process requires pressure testing, making sure there’s no bacterial infection, so they have to do that. They have to leave some places open so they can discharge water. So truly, it’s like 99.99% of the pipes in the ground are completed.”

With the majority of the installation work complete, the new water pipe system is slated to begin operation in Spring of 2021. “We still need approval to operate from the state of Alaska, which we don’t expect will happen until November 2020. And we can’t start installing services during the winter.” Butler said.

According to Butler the Air Force is paying for installation of the system -- and for those who want to connect to it, the Air Force is also paying for that connection. “The Air Force has put [in] some compensation payments recognizing that people are losing access to their water cause they wont be able to use their wells anymore. They have some compensation offerings to individuals. For those people who sign up by October 31, if it’s a property that has a well they can get up to $5000 of compensation.”

After a long and involved development process, this new water line is nearing the finish line.

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