Non-Affiliated candidate Evan Eads runs for Alaska Senate seat B

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 4:03 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Evan A. Eads is running to represent District B in the Alaska Senate. This seat is currently held by John Coghill, who was defeated in the Republican primary by Robert Myers, and is therefore not running for reelection.

Eads said he is running because he does not think Alaska has developed a long-term fiscal and budgetary plan: "As a business person, I object to the way things have been happening down there. I object to the abdication of constitutional responsibilities.”

Eads spoke about Article 8 in Alaska’s Constitution. “There’s no other state that has an article dedicated just to natural resources. We do. And it dedicates those natural resources to the maximum benefit of all Alaskans. And that’s been being ignored.”

He continued, “We’re facing a 2 billion dollar budget deficit for next year. We have 800 million in cash credits that we still owe to the oil industry, unpaid. And the Supreme Court just recently ruled that we can’t bond out for those, because we were going to kick the can down the road on that, and make our kids pay for it. We can’t do that.”

Eads said he is happy to talk about cuts as long as the first cut is to big industry subsidies. “We have state subsidies going to massive corporations. That is not a free market. It’s crony corporatism. You could also call it corporate socialism. We’ve been cutting from the people for so long. We’ve been cutting from their Permanent Fund Dividends, and this affects the middle and the lower-income people the most. And we cut from them to fund these massive subsidies?” Eads said he stands aghast at that.

According to Eads, corruption is entrenched in Juneau. “The open meetings act applies to everyone else. It applies to borough assembly, to city council. It applies to board meetings. Guess who it doesn’t apply to? Guess who exempted themselves from the Open Meetings Act? The legislature. So we have opacity in our government, that we can’t be a part of the meetings where all the decisions take place.”

Eads also discussed the binding caucus. “If we have a representative government, purported to represent the people that have elected these folks, and they are bound to support whatever the party bigwigs tell them to support, years in advance, on every procedural vote, on every budgetary vote... now when anyone hears this, no one has said to me, ‘That’s how I want my government to work.’”

Eads said he is in favor of Ballot Measure 1, explaining that the only way to conserve a non-renewable resource is to get sufficient value for the future. “We’re giving away our resource wealth. In a business, you can’t give away your inventory and expect that to be a long-term business plan. That’s what our inventory is, that’s what the business of Alaska is, is our resource wealth, and we’re giving it away. We’re being exploited.”

Eads is running against Robert Myers and Marna Sanford in the general election on November 3rd.

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