State Senate Seat B candidate Evan Eads withdrawals from race, endorses Marna Sanford

Published: Oct. 17, 2020 at 5:08 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - State Senate Seat B candidate Evan Eads (I) announced his withdrawal from the race Friday and is endorsing Marna Sanford (NA) for State Senate.

According to a press release from Sanford, Eads voiced his concern for the direction that the State was headed in. He cited a need to come together to find solutions that put Alaskans first, while finding a fiscally responsible path forward.

Eads stated that he would endorse Marna Sanford as someone Alaskans, including himself, could work with and depend on to represent them.

While Eads will remain on the ballot, Sanford and Robert Myers (R) will continue to face off in the closing weeks of this election for Senate Seat B, the seat currently held by Sen. John Coghill (R).

“I am humbled by Evan’s support and have an enormous amount of respect for the amount of work he put into this race. We cannot deny the toll it takes on the candidates, their families, and their personal lives,” Sanford said. “The choice now before voters is an interesting one. My remaining opponent supports cutting our University, ¼ of our education budget, healthcare, and so many other vital services Alaskans depend on while on the other hand saying he supports those same programs. We can’t afford shaky leadership, we need experienced and responsible legislators down in Juneau.”

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