Pet of the Week: Tanya the turtle is looking for her new home

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 3:59 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Meet Tanya, the shy little turtle looking for someone to get her out of her proverbial shell. Here’s what Kimberly Imbert, Animal Shelter Operations Supervisor with Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, had to say about our Pet of the Week:

" This week’s pet of the week is Tanya. Tanya is a red-eared slider and she’s been patiently waiting for her new home at the shelter for quite some time.

Red-eared Sliders can be challenging to have as pets because of their special needs requirements, especially in Alaska. That’s probably why she’s been waiting so patiently for her new family. Tanya is a middle-aged turtle on the younger side. We don’t know exactly how old she is, she did come to the shelter as a stray with no paperwork.

Tanya is a shy turtle, but can become interactive with her person if they have a routine and do predictable things with her and kind of train her in similar ways to other pets. Especially with treats, turtles really love their treats.

Red-eared Sliders are semi aquatic, so they need to be able to get out of the water and sun bathe with a UVB light bulb. They also need clean water, and ten gallons per inch of shell which is what’s recommended for them, which is the challenge that happens in Alaska, it’s really difficult to get an enclosure large enough for them because they do grow to the size of dinner plates when they are full grown.

Tanya is hoping to find a loving family who wants a nice semi aquatic set up in their house so they can pretend they’re somewhere warm all winter long. She also has many dog, cat, and mouse friends looking for loving homes as well. "

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