Special Edition Man-on-the-street: Were you more engaged this Election?

Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 5:07 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Across the country voters are casting their ballots in state and federal elections. In addition to the 2020 Presidential Elections, Tuesday is also the day that voters in Alaska get to pick their U.S. Senator and Congressman, as well as vote on state races and two ballot measures.

We visted polling locations around Fairbanks and North Pole to ask residents how engaged they have been in this election.

“We are always engaged, but this one was a much more meaningful, much more significant, the odds, the alternatives are much more stark -- so we have been very engaged, glad to vote,” said Paul Ford, a North Pole Resident.

“I mean, more engaged just because I am an adult now compared to last election -- and also, even before then I come from a very, I guess, politically active family so I always kept eye on things and whatnot... so it’s just cool that I am finally able to get out there and vote," said James Miller, a Fairbanks Resident.

“I think I was more engaged this election cycle, and I think this one was more important than other elections just because the state of things worldwide,” Anna Setterberg, a Fairbanks Resident said.

Paul Larson another Fairbanks Resident said, “I was more engaged, I watched more debates, I was more informed, more than four years ago.”

“Definetily more important this time around. I was engaged last time as well. These last two presidential elections I have been super involved,” said Melinda Randby, a North Pole Resident.

Daryl McGhan, a Fairbanks Resident said, “More engaged definitely, more important because there is a lot of real issues going on. I think everybody should vote, no matter who they vote for, they should definitely vote.”

“I am always engaged -- and I think this was probably, I believe to be, the most important election of my lifetime,” said Paul Coben, a North Pole Resident.

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