WATCH NOW: Candidates from races around Alaska’s Interior talk about their campaigns

Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 11:38 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - In an election dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many things were different. We spoke with some of the candidates running for State office here in Alaska’s Interior, to hear their thoughts on the campaign.

“Without big public events, fundraising events, those kind of things, less voter contact for sure, I mean the pandemic has definitely changed how the campaign went. A lot of other things are similar I suppose, but I would say I saw less people as everyone did. I didn’t like that aspect of it. I prefer to see people,” said Adam Wool, incumbent for the Alaska House of Representatives District 5.

“The campaign trail has been different of course for all candidates, but it’s been really exciting having so many people turn out and support me from all aspects of the political spectrum. It’s been really encouraging, I know that Alaskans are forward to pulling together and you know facing this financial crisis that we have ahead of us,” said Julia Hnilicka, candidate for Alaska House of Representatives District 6.

“This is my first foray into this arena at the tender age of 61. It’s been pretty phenomenal and I would just say the people, the people have been probably the best part. There is some fantastic volunteers in my district, district 4 who have literally, I mean if I post a W, it’s going to be because we have great helpers, great volunteers, great enthusiastic supporters,” said Keith Kurber, candidate for Alaska House of Representatives District 4.

“I felt it was very in the fact we had very little negative campaigning. I like the fact we had five of us on the ticket, and four of us were very active in it, and we actually complimented each other and I guess being polite and kind throughout the campaign. It got a little bit negative at the end between two of them, but other than that it felt good,” said Vernon Carlson, candidate for Alaska House of Representatives District 6.

We also asked if they had any final thoughts after the election.

“It’s been, I think we started off strong and we continued strong the entire time. I and my committee and all my supporters I think are very excited for tonight’s results. They all worked really hard, I could not be more grateful for them. But we’re also ready to be done campaigning so we’re really excited tonight to see what happens. And um we gave it our all,” Elijah Verhagen, candidate for Alaska House of Representatives District 6.

“Fairbanks kids voting report has been announced and the results that had been announced earlier. And I’m proud to have received sixty three percent of the vote in Fairbanks kids voting, so that bodes well. I hope that carries through, if you look at early votes and absentee as well, those are encouraging and strong. And I think that just shows the excitement of so many people in Fairbanks and across the district are ready for the election to be over and to cast their votes already,” said Grier Hopkins, incumbent for Alaska House of Representatives District 4.

“Gosh you know now it’s that time where you get to just sit back and just watch the results come in just as you said. And all you can do is just tell yourself that you left it all out on the field and did what you could and now it’s up to the voters to decide so whatever happens it’s up to them,” said Kevin McKinley, candidate for Alaska House of Representatives District 5.

Now the candidates and the residents of Alaska will wait for the results of the election.

For live updates on election results you can visit the Elections page on our website.

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