GVEA warns Fairbanks customers of potential for power outages due to heavy snow

Ready. Set. Snow.
Ready. Set. Snow.(Golden Valley Electric Association)
Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 4:47 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Golden Valley Electric Association has issued a press release warning customers of the potential for continued power outages, as wet heavy snow continues to fall through-out Alaska’s Interior over the weekend. They included three tips for staying safe, even if the power goes out.

1) PREPARE: Do you have an outage kit? This extensive list is a great resource:

2) CONNECT: Do we have your current contact information? When you call (907) 452-1151 and report an outage, the system matches your phone number with your address. Because the system is automated we can handle 100s of calls per minute and using the information from callers we can determine the size of the outage and narrow down the location of the disruption.

Pro tip: connect with us and update your current contact information here:

3) BE INFORMED: When an outage is reported, we immediately post at This map notes the location of outages, the number of members who are affected and when crews are assigned to respond.

Now that you’re ready, relax and enjoy the warm temperatures and snow.

Oh, wait! Your power goes out, and as soon as this happens you’d like to know for how long. We understand! The #1 question we hear is, “How long will my power be out?” We get it, but unfortunately a number of factors contribute to outages and restoring power. When your power goes out, crews are immediately dispatched to troubleshoot and repair outages. They safely work to restore power as quickly as possible, but it takes time.

Now we’re ready for the weekend!

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