Pet of the Week: James the cat, an affectionate lap warmer

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 4:55 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - This older gentleman is bound to melt your heart as he warms your lap. Here’s what Sarah Harman, an animal tender with Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, had to say about our Pet of the Week:

“This week we have Mr. James. James has had a pretty rough life so far. He’s about nine years old and he was surrendered to us because his most recent owners were moving and he just wasn’t adjusting to life with them very well. We’re hoping to find a little bit of a better home where he’d be happier.

He’s been a little stressed here, and he can be a little nervous when you first approach him. But once you get him in your arms, he’s a little purr machine. He likes to make biscuits and knead on you. He’s very friendly once he realizes everything’s ok.

When James arrived here at the shelter, he suffered from what seemed to be a chronic untreated ear infection which resulted in one of his ears being a little bit deformed. He also had a very rotten tooth and an eye infection. James has received extensive dental work with extractions thanks to the Shelter Fund, and has been treated for his eye and ear infection. James is still on a course of antibiotics that must continue for the next two weeks for his eye infection, and [he] will need ear drops for the next month. James will need a recheck at Aurora Animal Clinic for his ears and teeth at the beginning of December.

There is also a possibility of some bone loss around where the infected tooth was that was likely caused by the infection -- and there is a very slim possibility that it could be cancerous. At James’s recheck, it will be determined whether James’s ear and eye infection were resolved or if there’s a possibility he needs to go on a special diet to address any food allergies that may be causing these issues. If James is found to have cancer it will be inoperable and he will be a hospice case, although we are very hopeful that will not be the case and he will have a long happy life.

James’s recheck at the beginning of December will be covered by the shelter fund; however, any additional cost will be the responsibility of his new owner. James is a very sweet boy, he’s had a rough life so far and he’s looking for a house with preferably a more mature family, no kids under twelve, no other pets, someplace nice and quiet where he can relax and really feel comfortable. He’s a very loving sweet boy and we’re hoping to find the perfect home for him that will help him feel better and live out the rest of his life happily.

If James isn’t the pet for you, we have some very friendly mice, we have turtles, and lots of other dogs and cats looking for homes. So, come on down and see if you can find yourself a new friend.”

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