Fairbanks stores take measures to keep people safe during Black Friday shopping

Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 4:15 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - With Black Friday fast approaching, several shopping locations in Fairbanks have taken measures to allow people to shop while staying safe from COVID-19.

Larger stores such as Fred Meyer and Walmart, while having online shopping available, also have measures in place for those who wish to shop in-store.

“We’re creating one door as an entrance and one as an exit, which is very different from how people normally experience shopping at Fred Meyer. And of course stores will be staffed to ensure we have social distancing as people enter the store; but also, as people line up to get into the store. Of course we will have capacity limits for the store itself, but also throughout the popular areas where people tend to congregate because of things like the sock sale, or electronics and so forth,” said Jeffery Temple, Director of Corporate Affairs for Fred Meyer.

Fred Meyer has done several early shopping events during November with the most recent taking place from November 24-26 leading up to Black Friday. Walmart has also announced early events including sales November 25-27, and both stores are doing extended hours for shopping to prevent rushes. Walmart will also be handing out sanitized shopping carts, and leading shoppers to Black Friday shopping sections to avoid congestion and uphold social distancing.

Smaller locations are also adapting. Big Ray’s is having an in-store sale, but also having their entire Black Friday sale online as well.

“Our sale will take place only on Friday but it is extended hours so we’ll be open from seven to eight to allow people to come in when they want to -- and we’re also doing the same sale online. So if you choose not to come into the store, you get the same sale on Black Friday, online,” according to Steve Johnson, Fairbanks Market Manager for Big Ray’s.

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