Troopers in Fairbanks team up with Santa to buy children toys

Published: Dec. 15, 2020 at 4:03 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Alaska State Troopers from Fairbanks spent Tuesday at Wal-Mart shopping with Santa for toys and gifts to give to local children in need. The purchase was made possible by a grant from Wal-Mart that was matched by Santa’s Helpers and other local businesses and organizations. In the end, troopers were able to purchase over $5,500 worth of toys for children all around the Fairbanks area.

“The Alaska State Troopers are going to take over Wal-Mart at the behest of Santa. We are going to go in, and we are going to have some elves help us do some shopping, and we are going to round up gifts for children. Then we are going to deliver them to Santa’s Helpers,” said Ronald Wall, Captain of the Alaska State Troopers “D” Detachment

Around 10 Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers and investigators joined Santa at Wal-Mart to shop for toys. Troopers wandered the many toy aisles, filling carts with toys, games, electronics and even a bike to give to children in need.

A giant stuffed bear, Monopoly, Legos, a scooter, sleds and many more toys were taken to the front of the store to be rung up. After it was all done, they had only managed to spend around $2,800 - so the store manager and Captain Wall told them to go back and try again.

Soon, they returned with bikes, drones, Beats headphones, and radio controlled trucks. Finally, they got to their $5,000 limit. While they were shopping, someone gave them an additional $500 to buy more toys. Other shoppers also put toys that they had bought into the carts to help with the donations.

The toys were given to Santa who, with the help of his elves, will distribute them through the non-profit Santa’s Helpers. Santa said this year, especially with COVID-19, they were in need of toys.

“The need is really great. We still need a lot of presents, toys, delivered to us and this will help come a long ways to help us,” Santa said.

As for Santa, he says he gets a lot out of giving the gifts, “The only thing in it for me is the joy I see on the children’s faces when they come and see me or when they get their presents opened. You know, the nice thing about those elves on the shelves, they report back to me and tell me how happy those children are.”

In the end Santa said that the toys they bought will be able to go to around 300 Fairbanks children who are in need. He said people can donate toys to Santa’s Helpers or refer a family in need by calling (907) 457-1934 or by going to their website.

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