Fairbanks non-profit The Bridge connects those in need with helpful services

Published: Dec. 22, 2020 at 4:22 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Bridge works to connect homeless individuals with other organizations that can provide services to assist them.

Acting as a bridge between those in need and those that wish to help them, The Bridge reaches out to homeless individuals and guides them towards resources designed to make their lives better. The Bridge offers peer support, employment support, and encampment outreach.

“What I do with the help of my one peer support is we go out to the encampments and we engage those that are out there, and try to get them into services if that’s what they want to do. If that’s not what they want to do, then we’re not going to push it. We’re just going to keep showing up and we’re going to keep being friendly and we’re going to keep trying to engage - and we’re going to hope that one time they’ll want that help,” said Brynn Butler, Encampment Case Manager for The Bridge.

Peer support services and outreach are performed those who have experienced homelessness, and know what it’s like to use the services provided. They speak from experience to convince those in need to accept help.

“The difference that I bring to this is that I have been on that end. Three years ago I was homeless, I was addicted to drugs, and I had lost everything due to my addiction. Through the different programs in Fairbanks, I was able to stabilize and get back on my feet, and now I’m out there helping other people - which is why I think that these programs in town are so important. It’s because we can all group together and come around an individual and give them the stability they need to be able to make a life that they want to live,” said Butler.

The Bridge works alongside other organizations like Bride Line Inc. and No Limits to make sure help goes to those who need it. Butler went on to say, “We’re out there fist bumping and just trying anything to get people to realize they don’t have to live like this. No matter where we’re sending people, No Limits houses some of the most un-housable people, and for that we are so grateful because those people are out there freezing.”

The Bridge is always looking for monetary, winter clothing and food donations. For those who wish to contribute, visit their website.

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