Additional Alaska State Troopers patrolling roadways during holiday season

Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 4:08 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Alaska State Troopers are continuing a special enforcement period that started December 16th 2020 and ends January 4th, 2021. During that time, additional Troopers will patrol roadways looking for impaired and unsafe drivers.

“Unfortunately, this time of year, people do, in fact, consume more alcohol and things of that nature, and other controlled substances that can impair them,” Trooper Derek Norris said.

According to Norris, the legal limit of alcohol consumption when driving is 0.08% blood-alcohol content, but “any kind of impaired driving is, in fact, a crime.” He added that even after consuming one beer, “if you are, in fact, buzzed, that can still affect your driving in a negative way, and we would be trying to keep an eye out for that, making sure that everyone is, in fact, safe on the roadways.”

He said the first two offenses are misdemeanors, with the third being a felony. Each incident will result in a night in jail, and may involve temporarily losing one’s driver’s license.

Signs that troopers look for in identifying impaired driving include driving too slow, following taillights too closely, swerving, and failure to stop when directed.

“If there’s even a thought that you might have had too much to consume, or too much alcohol, or any other thing that might be impairing your judgment, it’s safer always to get a cab or an Uber or something like that, and that way you can get home,” Norris said.

Troopers are asking those who observe someone they believe to be driving impaired to dial 911.

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