Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce announces new President and CEO

Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 4:05 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce has chosen Jinnel Choiniere as its new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The decision was announced Friday, January 8th. Choiniere took over from former President and CEO Marisa Sharrah.

“It’s great to have the members put their trust in me,” she said.

Choiniere, who has worked for the Fairbanks Chamber as Advocacy Program Manager since December 2018, said her time with the organization so far has “been a great learning experience to understand the issues that are affecting the Fairbanks area, the greater Fairbanks area, the Interior as a whole. It’s been a great way to just get my feet wet and get a good sense of what’s going on here.”

“I’m in the process of learning exactly what the job is about at this point. Although I have worked with the previous president and CEO for the last two years, there is definitely a lot more for me to learn. It is about providing that voice for the business community and being a part of that discussion, that public discussion - but it’s also about being a conduit between our board of directors, who governs the organization, and the staff who then takes that vision and puts it out into the world,” she said.

According to Choiniere, 2020 brought new challenges to the Fairbanks Chamber. “2021 looks like it’s going to continue to provide some interesting challenges - so it’s looking at what have we done and what do we do on an annual basis, and how do we deliver on those promises to our members, to the community, in the environment that we’re currently in.”

During the ongoing transition period, Choiniere encourages those who have been working with the Fairbanks Chamber on various issues to reach out and make sure those relationships continue.

More information about the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce can be found on their website.

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