Alaska congressional delegation, Interior officials react to Biden inauguration

Published: Jan. 20, 2021 at 4:08 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - On January 20th, Joseph R. Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

During the ceremony, attended by Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, the new president was sworn in alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

To mark the occasion, Murkowski congratulated President Biden in a press release, saying, “”I may not always align with the viewpoints of this administration, but no matter how different our opinions or challenging the subject, I have and always will do my best to build consensus that is in the best interest of all Alaskans.”

Murkowski called on the nation to work through its differences and “seek common ground, to put the divisiveness and turmoil of the last few months behind us, and move forward with respect, optimism, and hope.”

Murkowski congratulated President Biden in a press release.
Murkowski congratulated President Biden in a press release.(Photo Courtesy of Lisa Murkowski.)

Sullivan released a statement on Twitter also congratulating the president. He said, “As the new president, Joe Biden has the opportunity to follow through on the rhetoric we heard today in his speech about unity.”

Sullivan went on to express his concern over executive orders that President Biden signed on his first day in office. “I hope that President Biden comes to understand that America did not give him a mandate to kill good-paying jobs and hurt hard-working families across our nation.”

Sullivan released a statement on Twitter also congratulating the president.
Sullivan released a statement on Twitter also congratulating the president.(Photo Courtesy of Dan Sullivan.)

Alaska’s sole U.S. Representative Don Young posted a link to the ceremony on his Facebook page, captioning it by saying, “The peaceful transfer of power is one of the most important pillars of our democracy.”

Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Bryce Ward also provided his thoughts on the occasion, saying, “I’m glad that we have a nation that has integrity in our process, and I’m glad that we’ve had an efficient transfer of power from one elected official to the incoming elected official, from one administration to another, and look forward to what opportunities there may be for the borough to engage at the statewide, national level.”

City of Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly said, “It’s probably the most different inauguration our country will ever see, mainly because of the pandemic and such. But there’s always a lot of great tradition around any handing over of the power. So I wish the administration all the best to do what’s best for the country.”

Matherly added, “I want success for everybody that sits in the highest office. It’s a heck of a job. It’s not easy, but their success means success for the nation.”

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