Limited North American Championships wrap up as sprint season winds down

Published: Mar. 16, 2021 at 8:45 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The sprint mushing season continues in Fairbanks, as the Limited North American Championships hosted by the Alaska Dog Mushers Association wrapped up over the weekend. The ‘granddaddy of them all’, the Open North American Championships is set for three days of action starting Friday at the Jeff Studdert Racegrounds at The Mushers Hall. The LNAC consisted of three days of racing, where cumulative times determine the winners.

Skijoring - 6.2 miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Pam Schamber48:06.0
2Scott Jerome52:17.2
3Sunnifa Deehr53:35.6
4Josh Link55:33.1
5Alyeska Callis57:23.2
6Robin Baker62:45.8

4-Dog Class - 6.2 miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Pam Schamber45:44.6
2Amy Dunlap47:20.8
3Alea Robinson47:29.1
4Debora Summers47:39.3
5Annie Grenier48:22.9
6Chris Burrow49:15.2
7Jo Badalich49:18.6
8Noah Pereira49:28.6
9Kristen Eckwright51:27.0
10Victoria Carver52:05.3
11Lucia Chacon52:42.4
12Frank Trettevik53:23.5
13Marya Lewanski55:04.5
14Brianna Sanford58:14.2
15Lois Rockcastle62:00.1
16Sean deWolski62:31.5
N/ADawn BrownScratch

6-Dog Class - 8.0 miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Mathieu Devred57:04.5 (NEW TRACK RECORD)
2Alex Rochat59:38.9
3Kim Wells61:01.1
4Dawn Brown61:30.3
5Evelyn Beeter61:39.7
6Clyde Mayo Jr.61:51.1
7Terri Cadzow62:30.0
8Clair Thomson62:51.3
9Edie Forest66:45.1
10Evie Callis67:32.1
11Kristen Eckwright67:51.4
12Eva Schrader73:32.5
13Robin Baker81:47.2

8-Dog Class - 12.5 miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Kourosh Partow103:21.5
2Amy Dunlap106:14.5
3Andrea Bond107:39.7
4Abigail Fox107:51.1
5Jennifer Probert-Erhart108:39.6
6Noah Pereira112:46.7
7Mari Wood114:44.9
8Joseph Henry116:53.9
9Brittany Mason128:41.7

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