Tanana Valley Watershed Association’s Adopt-a-Stream program hopes to improve water quality

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 4:17 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Fairbanks based nonprofit, the Tanana Valley Watershed Association works to promote healthy water quality across all the streams and bodies of water that ultimately drain into the Tanana River. Every summer they host the Adopt-a-Stream program, a fun, outdoor, hands-on educational opportunity for families, individuals, and anyone looking to make an active contribution to the local environment.

The Tanana Valley Watershed Association’s Adopt-a-Stream program is a free, flexible program that trains participants of all ages to be citizen scientists. The program provides all the tools required to conduct water quality sampling at a local water body of your choice on your own schedule. This program supplies valuable data to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Fairbanks Storm Water Advisory Committee and the Globe Program - a worldwide citizen science database.

Jenna Jonas, Science Director of the Tanana Valley Watershed Association told us more about the program. “The waterways contribute so much to our quality of life here. They’re travel corridors in the summer and winter for animals and people. So it takes a lot of people and a lot of effort to keep all those waterways healthy. The Adopt-a-Stream program is a way for local people of all ages to contribute to that by doing some basic water quality measurements - PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, water and air temperature - and then we also have additional activities if you wanna dig a little deeper and do habitat assessments, aquatic invertebrates... you can collect them and figure out what they are. That’s a good indicator of overall stream health.”

A free Adopt-a-Stream training event will take place at FAST Planning in downtown Fairbanks, and via Zoom on Saturday May 15th. More information can be found at their website here.

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