WATCH: Army conducts live fire Apache training outside of Fairbanks

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 5:05 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - U.S. Army Alaska is conducting live fire training exercises outside of Fairbanks with Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters. The exercise involves over 100 people as soldiers simulate establishing a refueling and reloading area for the helicopters and pilots practicing with their weapons.

“So actually going out to the field, we actually get to do our job. Everybody learns tactics, how to do certain operations, extreme operations,” said Sergeant Blake Meyers an aviation refueler.

Meyers is one of the soldiers on the ground working to keep the helicopters running. There are also air traffic controllers, ammunition reloaders and cooks among others involved in the operation.

All these soldiers are helping the pilots to be able to practice on the fire range.

“Behind us there is a complex that has targets, both moving targets that pop up and stationary targets,” said Operations Officer for the 1-25 Attack Battalion, Major Patrick Gress. “That allows the aviators to engage and practice not only shooting but also running through the systems of their helicopters and really honing their skills on using the helicopter and its weapons systems.”

Targets are called in by soldiers in the range tower. Once a target is called in, the aviators use the weapons system to destroy that target.

Gress said that this keeps the unit on the top of its game and ready for any deloyments.

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