Track & Field sees first outdoor meet featuring 8 schools, while Lathrop’s track suffers damage

Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 9:32 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The snow is melting and nature is healing, as the first outdoor track and field meet for Region VI was held over the weekend in North Pole. After sprinting, throwing and jumping indoors all spring, eight schools ranging from Fairbanks, to North Pole, Eielson, Tri-Valley and Delta, competed outdoors on a blue bird Saturday.

“It is exciting, we have all enjoyed the weather,” said Delta Track Coach Tara Owen. “It was crazy at first, we were running hallways, running in the gym, wherever we could because it wasn’t really safe yet to go outside in the ice and snow. This last week, we have all been outside, with some doing some snow shoveling and ice picking, but the kids were excited, they didn’t care what they had to do, as long as they could run and be outside.”

Only three events were officially recorded in the shot put, discus and high jump, as timed events like the 4x100 could not be electronically certified but were still held. This Saturday, all of the events are scheduled to be officially timed in North Pole. See the full results of the official events below.

Boys Shot PutSchoolNameDistance
North PoleChris West40-04.75
West ValleyBen Foshee38-04.5
LathropKeegan Laughlin37-09.5
North PoleJared Arnold32-07.0
North PoleNoah Connolly32-04.0
North PoleGabriel Hollett32-01.25
HutchisonJosiah Sampson30-07.75
North PoleAsher Terch30.06.0
LathropFinn Hill29-10.5
West ValleyRamy Yates29-05.5
LathropJonathan Ebel29-05.5
HutchisonCormac Kesey28-02.5
West ValleyNoah Stout28-01.0
DeltaGavin Braswell27-06.0
EielsonAhman Mathews27-04.75
MonroeWeston Grahek26-06.5
MonroeIvan Nicholson25-01.75
MonroePreston Walsh23-01.25
Girls Shot PutSchoolNameDistance
West ValleyHadley Blasey33-06.5
LathropTorrin Johnson-Oates28-09.75
MonroeJessica Way22-09.25
LathropThea Millam21-06.25
LathropJayda George20-08.75
EielsonAlexyne Medina20-07.75
EielsonSamantha Jones19-11.5
North PoleElizabeth Howe19-00.0
HutchisonAurora Hawkins18-0.75
North PoleMadison Morris16-11.25
HutchisonSierra Lesniak16-02.0
MonroeKaylee Collins15-09.25
HutchisonMaliah Ganatta14-04.25
Boys DiscusSchoolNameDistance
LathropKeegan Laughlin108-07.5
North PoleChris West105-09.0
North PoleAsher Terch103-10.5
North PoleNoah Connolly97-09.75
West ValleyNoah Stout95-04.0
LathropFinn Hill94-03.0
West ValleyRamy Yates91-08.5
North PoleGabriel Hollet88-05.5
North PoleJared Arnold86-11.5
West ValleyDavid Edwards81-10.5
DeltaGavin Braswell74-08.5
North PoleReese Walters70-05.0
EielsonDylan Wakefield65-11.25
West ValleyKody Helm64-11.0
HutchisonJosiah Sampson64-07.5
LathropJonathan Ebel63-09.0
West ValleyBen Foshee59-03.25
DeltaMatthew Medlin47-09.5
Girls DiscusSchoolNameDistance
West ValleyHadley Blasey118-06.0
LathropTorrin Johnson-Oates86-03.0
EielsonSamantha Jones60-11.0
West ValleyHazel Langley59-01.0
North PoleElizabeth Howe54-08.0
LathropThea Millam50-09.0
North PoleMadison Morris48-08.5
EielsonAlexyne Medina43-08.0
HutchisonAurora Hawkins43-05.5
North PoleMaria Mattox42-09.5
HutchisonSierra Lesniak42-04.5
LathropJayda George34-07.0
HutchisonMaliah Ganatta27-09.5
Boys High JumpSchoolNameHeight
EielsonBrandon Polesky5-06.0
North PoleCarter Brown5-06.0
Tri-ValleyWyatt Lucas5-04.0
West ValleyKuylar Balleck5-02.0
West ValleyCaleb Peterson5-02.0
North PoleReece Walters5-02.0
LathropJonathan Ebel5-0.0
West ValleyEmmanuel Bostwick5-0.0
EielsonLandon Ogburn5-0.0
LathropCorey Sawyer5-0.0
LathropJaylen Thomas4-10.0
North PoleKaleb Johnson4-06.0
North PoleDevon Knuteson4-06,0
North PoleCamren Hyson4-04.0
Girls High JumpSchoolNameHeight
West ValleyHadley Blasey5-04.0
North PoleLia Castillo5-0.0
LathropThea Millam4-10.0
LathropJordyn Johnson4-10.0
Tri-ValleyEllie VanDeventer4-6.0
HutchisonGrace Greene4-4.0
LathropKaitlyn Daniel4-02.0
West ValleyHazel Langley4-00.0
LathropSophie Hale3-10.0
HutchisonLucie Meyer3-10.0
West ValleySamantha Manley3-10.0
West ValleyAsher Swan Adams3-08.0
North PoleMaria Mattox3-06.0
EielsonSierra Maughan3-06.0

Lathrop Track

While a successful event was held at North Pole last weekend, there won’t be any track and field meets at Lathrop High this year.

Damage on Lathrop's track reveals itself following snow melt.
Damage on Lathrop's track reveals itself following snow melt.(Jordan Rodenberger (KTVF))

Lathrop discovered damage along much of the track following the snow melt. According to Lathrop’s Activities Coordinator, the track was not sealed properly when it was installed 16 years ago. Snow melt seeped its way underneath, causing surface damage to the track itself. Lathrop High School hosted the 2008 and 2013 Alaska State Track and Field Championships. Track and Field events scheduled at Lathrop have since been relocated. A Region VI meet set for May 1 has been moved to North Pole, while a May 8 event has been moved to West Valley.

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