Fairbanks predicted to have colder than average temps over Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 4:07 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Fairbanks is predicted to have colder than average temperatures over Memorial Day Weekend.

According to John Cowen, a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, the drop will begin Thursday night and last until Sunday. Cowen explained, “We have a low pressure system that’s going to be moving in from the northeast -a very deep low pressure system, very unusual for this time of year, that’s going to be bringing some very cold temperatures behind it. We’re expecting low temperatures tonight, Friday morning they’re going to be dropping into the mid 30′s around Fairbanks. The colder spots could get down to freezing or lower, and then on Saturday morning, there’s also another chance for some sub freezing temperatures around the area.”

While not currently predicted to be record breaking, the temperature drop will come rather close to the previous record, according to Cowen. “The record temperatures for this time of year are... so we’re looking at a record low of 30 degrees for Friday and then a low of 29 on Saturday, both set in 1934. So official forecast... we don’t have it breaking the record quite yet, but some areas could get close.”

The drop in temperature is being caused by arctic air pulled behind the low pressure system. Cowen remarked, “I’m sure you’ve noticed today we actually have some fairly moderately warm temperatures around the area. Some thunderstorms are actually getting kicked off to our east and southeast ahead of this front. But as I’ve mentioned, behind it there’s a very deep pool of cold air that will be moving over the area.”

And if you have sensitive plants outside, Cowen warns it may be a good idea to take precautions.“ If you’ve already planted your garden outside, or if you have the ability to bring sensitive plants inside, that would probably be very beneficial to your gardening plans this summer.”

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