Compeau Trailhead outside of Fairbanks found vandalized

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 6:05 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Compeau Trailhead outside of Fairbanks was vandalized by someone who damaged a structure.

According to Sam Braband, Chief Ranger for Alaska State Parks Northern Region, the vandals caused damaged to a trail structure as well as to multiple signs. “Some vandalism occurred around or on the 4th of July. Somebody came through with a side-by-side and appeared to try to take down the whole structure. They were successful in knocking down a fee station sign, an interpretive board, and we had another interpretive board... all removed by the individuals with what we think is a side-by-side.”

Braband went on to explain that State Park Rangers encourage any information regarding the vandalism be reported. “If anyone has any information in regards to this specific instance of vandalism, or really any vandalism that has occurred in any state park unit in and around Fairbanks, I would encourage them to reach out by calling (907) 451-2695, which is our state park’s office. They can get put through to my phone number and either speak to me directly or leave a voicemail, and then I’ll get back and we can get any kind of pertinent information. The big take-away that I would give to the public is if you see somebody doing something, defacing state park property or any property, I don’t want the public to put themselves in a dangerous position trying to get us information. Just a license plate can go a long way helping us identify and eventually maybe hold accountable individuals that are responsible for this vandalism or vandalism at other sites.”

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