Alaska Wildlife Troopers launch new roadkill salvage database

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 3:33 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Alaska Wildlife Troopers launched a new roadkill salvage database earlier this summer.

According to Austin McDaniel, Public Information Officer with the Alaska State Troopers, the new database will be much more efficient and effective for both salvagers and dispatch officers. “Earlier this summer, the Alaska Wildlife troopers upgraded our roadkill salvage database system with a new online signup tool. Prior to this online signup, individuals used to have to fill out a paper form - you drop it off in person, mail it, or fax it into a trooper post, [which] then had to go and curate that information and send it to the dispatch centers around the state. So we’ve now decided to launch this new online signup tool. There’s no real changes to the criteria or process outside of [that] now you can do it securely online. That information is then sent directly to the Wildlife Troopers, and then off to the dispatch centers. So now anytime a roadkill salvage is needed, they’re able to easily get in there, identify the person who’s next up on the list and notify them of a salvage opportunity.”

McDaniel explained that before the new database, everything was written down and stored in binders, creating the possibility of outdated information being on file. “Our dispatchers used to have to use a series of binders to keep track of who was next up on the list, and then try to find current contact information, and then call them on the phone. Now they can log into a secure portal, just simply click a button, it’ll populate which salvage team is next, and then which contact individuals they need to have in there. It’ll also allow everyone to go in and refresh their contact information with their latest email address [and] latest phone number, so if they had any changes from when they submitted a paper document any number of years ago, we’ve got new updated information.”

It’s important tp note that those registered on the old database were not transferred to the new one, and will have to re-register. Registration for the database can be found at the Alaska Department of Public Safety website.

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