Candidate Profile: June Rogers runs for reelection to Fairbanks City Council

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 4:04 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - June Rogers is running for reelection to seat B on Fairbanks City Council.

She said she is running because there’s work coming that will require seasoned voices on the council. “I think all of us have responsibilities in our community, and I feel it’s my responsibility to work on issues that will impact the lives not only of my family, but my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues and anybody who happens to move to Fairbanks.”

Rogers continued, “I see so many changes in our community, with the pandemic, and a variety of other things, and there’s these continual changes, and I think we need to have some persons with deep roots in the, already, progress of our community, because we have much there.”

Rogers says she has been in advocacy since the 1970s. “I think that speaking is something that we all do instinctively. We don’t all instinctively listen, and I think perhaps that’s the one thing that I can bring is encouraging people to listen to each other in a way of being able to understand how important that is for us to hear the other point of view, and then for us to get together and sit down together, work together and tackle all of the many changes that are coming our way.”

Rogers sees snow removal as a major issue in Fairbanks. “We still have real, big, serious issues with snow removal, and we also have a population that is a bit more personally mobile, walking on the sidewalks and winter biking and that sort of thing. So we have a different kind of responsibility for snow removal. It’s very tedious and expensive and it’s always there. It’s an enduring responsibility.”

According to Rogers, successfully managing snow removal “requires understanding of all of the parts that go together to make it happen, and that is that we have a workforce that is trained and available to us. We don’t always have the budget to be able to avail our self of those persons who are trained, and that’s, I think, our biggest dilemma, is trying to make certain that we do have adequate dollars available to hire the people who are qualified to take care of this really serious issue.”

Rogers said serving on City Council requires commitment. “There’s a tremendous amount of homework, and if you’re not prepared to do all of the homework, voting on the questions becomes unconscionable. I think that you cannot vote on an issue until you first commit to doing the homework, and I’m very committed to the homework. I think that this is an important position.”

Rogers went on to say, “I bring a non-partisan view. I like to work with everyone. I think the issues impact everyone, and we need to work together in that sense to speak to the issues of working with everyone. I think collaboration is the answer to so many of our difficulties in our community. We’ve had such a long period of many entrenched circumstances that are not necessarily allowing people to give that broad voice, and so I’m working at identifying positions of silos and trying to encourage collaboration, people to listen to each other.”

Rogers is running against Jonathan Bagwill in the municipal elections on October 5th.

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