Candidate Profile: Jonathan Bagwill runs for Fairbanks City Council

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 4:55 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Jonathan Bagwill is running for Seat B on Fairbanks City Council.

He said he is running because he believes in Fairbanks. “I really enjoyed the time that I was able to spend on the city council a few years ago. I learned an incredible amount. I was not looking for politics. Politics kind of found me. I told the mayor and the police chief at that time, ‘I really don’t want to get into politics. That’s not really my thing,’ and they said, ‘Well, maybe that’s why you need to be involved.’ It took a lot of convincing, and even some personal prayer and study, but I finally ran. I did not win that election, but I was appointed pretty soon thereafter.”

Bagwill said serving on city council in the past led him to fall in love with Fairbanks on a whole new level, “Not just the city that I feel like I’m called to, but the people, even the people that I don’t know. I feel a responsibility, not as in ‘I’m better than anybody,’ but that I believe that I can approach any demograph with the thought of complete fairness.”

Bagwill said he does not have campaign promises. He thinks it’s important to balance logic and emotion in decision-making. “I think that we’ve made some decisions purely out of logic, and purely motivated by fiscal responsibility, and we have left out the human, the human part of it, the caring - and I also think that we have done the exact opposite as well in making decisions that are based solely on what people’s feelings are and really not making responsible decisions based on logic and based on fiscal responsibility, and so really what I’d like to bring is a lot of balance to that.”

Bagwill continued by saying, “I believe that what we’re going to need is we’re going to need somebody, we’re going to need several somebodies on our city council at the city level and at the borough level and on up into the total administration of our government that really can make good, sound decisions based on not feelings, based on not logic, but based on both what is fiscally responsible, what is logical, and somebody who is a visionary, who wants to see what’s best and can kind of see a little forward about the steps that we take and where this path that we’re on will lead, and somebody who really has enough gumption to say, ‘No. No, this is not the right direction. This is not the right thing. Let’s explore some other opportunities.’”

He also emphasized the importance of voting. “I really think that no matter what voice, no matter how someone would vote, that it’s extremely important to really get out the vote this year. Not that it hasn’t been important before, not that it won’t be important again, but October 5th is our voting day, and I would love to have the voice and the vote of our city. But whether you believe in me and you think I would do that job for you or not, I would encourage everyone to let their voice be heard and get out the vote.”

Bagwill is running against incumbent June Rogers in the municipal elections on October 5th.

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