Candidate Profile: Chris Ludtke runs for Borough Mayor

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 4:24 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Chris Ludtke is running for Mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

He said he is running to end government theft. “At the borough level, it’s property taxes. I believe a person’s home is the number one thing, and private property is huge - but there’s many levels of property theft at all levels of government.”

He added, “The biggest one is the property, but the other one, like a time tax... if I’m opening a business, how many hours do I spend reading borough code and ordinances and all this stuff that? If I’m a business, I’m out there to convince people to do business with me. I’m going to do the right thing whether the borough tells me to or not, so I really believe that all that stuff is just unnecessary. There’s probably... I haven’t read it myself, but I’d imagine there’s hundreds if not thousands of pages of red tape that businesses have to worry about.”

Ludke defined private property as “your home, your business, even your labor, things that are more abstract, your labor. Time is also kind of a weird concept when it comes to private property, but there’s a lot of time tax that goes along with living in this borough.”

Ludtke is also raising awareness of negative rights, or freedom from interference by the government. “I think it could start here, and kind of get some momentum to change borough and state level, but there’s a lot of interference with businesses that aren’t great - licensing, occupational licensing, things like that, interference in private property over all, it’s generally a violation of negative rights.”

“I’m trying to get people’s money back in their pockets and get government out of things,” he continued. " I think private enterprise, individuals, charities, churches, those are the people that truly solve our problems, and it’s not the borough. They create more problems than they solve.”

Ludtke explained that “a lot of business owners I’ve talked to, they understand that - and the most successful businesses are doing good and making sure their employees and neighbors are taken care of.”

He added, “I think they have an incentive to create a better community for private businesses. If they’re going to do business in a community, they want that space around them to be better, so I think it’s kind of on them, and along with churches and charities, there’s an incentive for them to do good in the community.”

Ludtke said that when campaigning, he’s enjoyed meeting people from different walks of life. “I like just meeting random characters. There’s a lot of characters in this community, but when I travel and stuff, whatever it may be, it’s fun to meet new people.” He also said the interactions he’s had have been fun. “There’s been a few heated discussions in the past few years over politics, but it stays civil. We can have the conversation here.”

According to Ludtke, there’s a condition to his serving as mayor. “I looked into it a little bit, and it sounds like the mayor is allowed to have outside employment, so the only way I would accept being mayor is if I could keep my current job, and I would refuse the mayor’s salary, because, like I said, that money is theft. That money is gotten through theft.”

Ludtke is running against Robert Shields and incumbent Bryce Ward in the municipal elections on October 5th.

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