Dog Bowl Forfeited to Lathrop

Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 4:58 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Last year, the Dog Bowl was won by the West Valley Wolfpack in a major upset as they had lost to Lathrop in a blowout early in the season, but kept the score close at for the Dog Bowl - winning the game by one point.

Last year the Dog Bowl was held at West Valley, making their victory all the more merry - but that meant it was scheduled for Malamute territory in 2021.

Fate would have it though that the Malamutes would only have a chance to snarl and bark back at the wolves, but never land a bite - all due to a quarantine for the Wolfpack -meaning that the Dog Bowl will not be played out this year.

Not only was the game cancelled, but the Wolfpack has had to forfeit as part of COVID protocols.

So, Lathrop’s goal will see its way into existence with a Malamute victory. As to whether or not it will be appreciated as a win by Lathrop is harder to know.

Andre Williams spoke on behalf of the Malamutes saying, “We want our revenge for what happened last year.” Is it truly revenge if a game is won without contest though?

Either way, a bittersweet victory for Lathrop - and perhaps the boys will get more of a chance to don their suits without their helmets for homecoming.

Even without the evening game, the seniors were still honored on Saturday before the girls flag football game, which would stand in for the dog bowl.

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