Quannah Chasinghorse and Jody Potts speak with Fairbanks Native Association for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 5:04 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Monday, October 11, was Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and the Fairbanks Native Association spotlighted Quannah Chasinghorse, an Alaska Native activist who has achieved international success as a model.

In an hour long interview, Chasinghorse discussed her modeling career, and the way her upbringing in Alaska and her Alaska Native culture influenced her style.

Chasinghorse also talked about the value of representation and being unapologetically oneself. “I know a lot of beautiful Native American women and girls that would love to be models and deserve that because they’re equally as beautiful as the stereotypical woman that’s portrayed and put on a pedestal to pretend to be a certain way,” she said.

Her mother, Jodi Potts, joined her for the interview. Potts is a former Village Public Safety Officer from Eagle, Alaska. She discussed the importance of raising Quannah close to the land.

“I wanted to teach my kids that, and wanted them to have the experience of, being on the land like our ancestors, going to their traditional lands and hunting and doing all of this, because one, there’s important skills that we, as Indigenous peoples, need to maintain, as our ancestors had, but also, building that connection to the land that Quannah’s talking about is really important because it’s an essential part of our healing, our wellness,” Potts said.

The full interview is available on the Fairbanks Native Association’s Facebook page.

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