Health Report: Fairbanks Breast Cancer Detection Center begins fundraising for new mammogram truck

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Breast Cancer Detection Center (BCDC) will soon begin raising funds to purchase a new mammogram truck.

According to Odette Butler, CEO of the Breast Cancer Detection Center, the original truck was acquired to provide mammograms to remote locations across the State of Alaska.

“In 1986, BCDC started doing mobile exams for women throughout the State of Alaska,” Butler explained. “In 2011, we purchased a brand new truck, which is a confined mobile unit where we can do mammograms. We go to places throughout the State of Alaska, we even put that truck on a barge to go to places in Southeast Alaska.”

The original truck has been in service for over a decade, which has led to some complications due to the amount of travel.

“All of that travel in the past 11 years has caused a lot of wear and tear on the truck,” Butler elaborated. “We just invested $20,000 to fix the generator on the truck last year so we could continue on this mobile season. So far, the truck made it through the season with no big blips. So we’re starting a mobile truck campaign to start looking at purchasing a new truck. We will do that pretty much the same way we did this truck. We will write grants for it and we will reach out to this awesome community to see if they will help support us in our efforts.”

Along with grants, BCDC hopes to raise funds from business and individuals willing to donate for the cause according to Butler.

We’ve talked to the truck company,” Butler remarked, “and it looks like the new truck, if we get it - or when we get it because we’re going to get it - the new truck probably won’t be here before the start of the mobile season next year, which starts usually in April. But it definitely will be here by the end of the mobile season so that we can have it for the ‘23 mobile season.”

Butler continued, “It sounds like we’re looking at the far future, but in order to order a truck like that, you have to have half the funds readily available in hand. So we are starting our truck campaign, and I’ll have more information on that as it goes on, but there are a lot of opportunities for corporations and companies and individuals to give to BCDC towards the truck.”

More information on donations can be found on the Breast Cancer Detection Center’s website and Facebook page.

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