Alaska Chip Company’s barbecue potato chips rated among the best in the country

America's Test Kitchen rates Alaska Chip Company's barbecue chips some of the best in the...
America's Test Kitchen rates Alaska Chip Company's barbecue chips some of the best in the country.(ktuu)
Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 6:52 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Alaska is known for many things, the Iditarod, and the Northern Lights to name a few. But in the near future, the state may also be known for something a bit more savory: the home of the best barbecue potato chips.

The recognition comes from America’s Test Kitchen and was recently published on their webpage. Writer and food critic Kevin Pang sought to find the country’s best barbecue chips made by small regional companies that most people had never heard of. He tested 30 brands out of hundreds of suggestions and found six clear winners. The Alaska Chip Company’s barbecue-flavored Grizzly Chip was one of them.

Alaska Chip Company Owner Ralph Carney said he didn’t know there was a contest until he got a call that he’d won. The award surprised him, but he said the quality of their products has always been high.

“We’ve been making our potato chip for 18 years, so I’ve known it’s been good,” he said.

One reason, according to Carney, is that he starts with a great potato. The review noted the Alaska chips “offered the deepest potato flavor” of all the chips that were sampled. Carney said it’s because he uses Alaska grown potatoes from Palmer almost exclusively, except for a small portion of the year between seasons when they are unavailable.

And then there’s the spice mix that brings out the barbecue flavor. The reviewer called it, “a well-rounded balance of sweet, savory, and smoky with a rich aftertaste. …This is a complete, all-around grade-A potato chip,” he wrote.

Since the article was posted Oct. 8, Carney said he’s had an uptick in business and inquiries from people Outside wanting to try his chips. In Alaska, they are already available at Fred Meyer, Carrs, Costco and most convenience stores. They can also be ordered online.

Carney said the recognition is also an affirmation that the company could succeed with a local product.

“When we started the company they said we couldn’t make a potato chip from an Alaskan potato. And now we win this award that our potato chip is one of the best in the nation or in the world,” Carney said. “So I guess they were wrong when they said we couldn’t do it. "

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