Lathrop hosts the Battle of the Interior with changes for 2021

Battle of the Interior
Battle of the Interior
Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 9:17 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Battle of the Interior was hosted by Lathrop High School, this year (2021), and changes beyond COVID-19 guidelines were implemented.

Due to a cancellation of Valdez High School’s own wrestling tournament the Battle of the Interior tournament gained an additional 4 schools requiring additional mats for a total of 5. The tournament also had a girls bracket for the first time since its beginning 5 years ago. 6 girls teams signed up to compete in the tournament to include Lathrop, Palmer, Redington, Bethel, and North Pole. That same list order is the end tournament ranking, with Lathrop placing first, Palmer the runner up, and North Pole placing last. Lathrop went undefeated in all 5 rounds for the girls. Runner up Palmer beat every team except Lathrop.

The girls would end their part of the tournament on Friday, going on to compete in an individual tournament at Hutchinson High School.

The boys would have to wrestle at Lathrop, Friday and Saturday as there were 10 competing schools participating in the boys division. Those schools included in no particular order were: Lathrop, Palmer, South Anchorage, Wasilla, Redington, West Valley, North Pole, Bethel, Eagle River, and the Student Wrestling Development Program. The last being a new program coming out of the homeschool population.

The top team coming out of the boys competition was South Anchorage, also going undefeated. Lathrop followed in with wins against every school except South Anchorage.

Lathrop Athletic Director, Steve Zanazzo, explained that the Battle of the Interior is “not your ordinary wrestling tournament, it’s a dual tournament, where schools will dual each round versus the other school and if they beat that school they’ll get a point.” So which ever school has the most points or has beat the most schools in other words, they will take the top spot.

Here’s what the winning brackets looked like.

Boys: Girls

1. South Anchorage 1. Lathrop

2. Lathrop 2. Palmer

3. Palmer 3. Redington

4. Wasilla 4. Bethel

5. Bethel 5. North Pole

6. Eagle River

7. North Pole

8. West Valley

9. Redington

10. S.W.D.P.

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