Fairbanks Community Food Bank seeking more donations for Thanksgiving meals

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 4:15 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Community Food Bank is gearing up for Thanksgiving by preparing meal boxes for those less fortunate.

According to Anne Weaver, CEO of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, this year the food bank is looking to feed thousands of residents across the borough.

“What we’re looking for this year is we’re gearing up for 2,500 households, that’s what we hit last year during a pandemic,” Weaver explained. “That means that if you average four people to a household, that’s about 10,000 people that we’re looking at providing food for on that Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So it takes a lot of prep work and a lot of community gathering. We’re going to have pickups from First Presbyterian Church like we usually do, 9 to 4; Lord of Life Lutheran, 12 to 2; and then other agencies in town. If there’s an agency that somebody is working with, then contact them and see if there’s a chance that there could be a food box so we can provide that way too.”

The food bank is seeking donations of the Thanksgiving essentials so those in need can have a happy Thanksgiving.

“Every year for Thanksgiving, we never know exactly what is going to go in the boxes,” Weaver elaborated, “but what we’re hoping to put in there is if people are able to share their turkeys, canned yams, stuffing, canned corn, if they’re able to bake that homemade bread we absolutely adore that. Cans of cranberries, sticks of butter, those are items that we tend to be a little bit low on. Oh, and frozen pies! I can’t forget those frozen pies.”

This year however, the food bank has faced a few challenges meeting their goals, but remains hopeful of reaching those goals according to Weaver.

“This year has been a little tricky,” she remarked. “All those supply challenges that people are having... right now we’re a little bit behind on some of our items that we need for food boxes. If at all possible, shop for your family, take care of your family, and also help us take care of our neighbors in need.”

Weaver continued, “Every single year, we wonder how it’s going to happen. These are big numbers that happen every year. This is another year that we think, ‘Oh my goodness, we got supply issues. What are we going to do?’ Here’s what I’m going to tell you - a year and a half into a pandemic for example, I am so proud to be in this community. We’ve been making it work one can of corn at a time, and I just want to say thank you to this amazing community that makes it work even when the odds are against us.”

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