Tanana Valley Watershed Association holds ‘Chena River Signage’ fundraiser

Published: Nov. 15, 2021 at 4:15 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Tanana Valley Watershed Association is holding a Chena River Signage fundraiser to place informational signs along the river.

According to Ashley Carrick, Executive Director of the Tanana Valley Watershed Association, there are three different categories of signs the association is looking to establish

“We’re trying to install wayfinding signage on the bridges located in town to help boaters and floaters know where they’re at along the Chena,” Carrick explained. ”We’re also looking to install interpretive signage which would include information about salmon life cycles, riparian habitat, and other items of interest along the Chena. Then the third type of signage is safety signage, which include information about boat and float times along the river, and input and take-out locations.”

The goal of the signs is to help inform and enrich the experience of those going down the river, and has been a long time goal of the Chena Riverfront Commission, which sponsored the project.

We’re hoping this will help visitors and tourists to understand that we have a urban waterway here in Fairbanks,” Carrick elaborated, “and understand its importance in the health of our entire watershed, and also to enjoy recreation more along the river by knowing more about where they’re at and being able to navigate more easily.”

Carrick continued, “The Chena Riverfront Commission has helped to sponsor this project. They have had this as a long-standing goal to add signage on the Chena River and have involved multiple user groups in the project. We also want to thank Wade Binkley and his team for helping with design.”

There are various levels of recognition depending on the amount donated, according to Carrick.

“We have a link on our website,, which takes you to Give Lively, which is a platform we’re using for fundraising,” Carrick said, “and on that platform you can choose to give at the bronze, silver, or gold level. You can also give a donation in any amount. We’re hoping to raise up to $25,000 between now and December 21st. We should see the signs being put up next summer if we hit our target goal for fundraising, and we would really love to have support for that. There’s a fundraising ‘Wall of Thanks’ we’re going to have for signage donations at the bronze and silver level. There’s also additional recognitions for gold and silver level donations. Additionally, businesses and individuals can have their name or organization put on the signage at certain levels of donation.”

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