UAF upsets #19 University of Hawaii Hilo

UAF Men's Basketball
UAF Men's Basketball(KTVF)
Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 7:45 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - While many of us spent our weekend with our friends or loved ones, other had to go back to work or in the case back to the court.

The UAF men’s basketball team was down in Anchorage, Saturday and Sunday as they took on the University of Hawaii Hilo and Quincy University.

In the first game against Hawaii, the Nanooks got a small lead ending the first half with a score of 28 to 29. UAF made 5 three pointers in the first half and 4 free throws.

In the second half the Nanooks gained a strong points advantage through free throws scoring on 16 out of 19 attempted free throws. Adding a total addition of 47 points while the Vulcans added 39, UAF won the match at 76 over 67. Upsetting the Vulcans who were ranked at 19th in the nation, going into the match.

The Nanooks ran a 42% in field goals and a 53% in three pointers but shined in free throws with a 71% success rate surpassing the 50% that Hawaii put up for the game. UAF also had 0 personal fouls.

In the following game against Quincy, the Hawks had the lead in the first half rising 8 points above UAF by half time. Quincy had impressive stats for the first half leading to their success; that being a 61% success rate for field goals, 77% for three pointers, and 87% in free throws. In comparison UAF had 46, 30, and 50% in the same categories.

In the second half, the Nanooks scored more than Quincy, but only knocking down one point off of the Hawk’s lead. This put Quincy on top for the finish at 83-76.

Shadeed Shabazz not only led, but carried the team in scoring, making up almost half of the points for the night with a personal score of 37 points.

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