Fairbanks Police Department recounts investigation into non-profit embezzlement scheme

Fairbanks Police Department has arrested and charged Alnise Wyles for allegedly embezzling over...
Fairbanks Police Department has arrested and charged Alnise Wyles for allegedly embezzling over $90,000 from Fairbanks Youth Advocates.(ktvf)
Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 4:38 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Police Department (FPD) arrested a former employee of the non-profit Fairbanks Youth Advocates for allegedly embezzling funds from the organization.

According to Detective Andrew Adams with the Fairbanks Police Department, Alnise Wyles had allegedly stolen tens of thousands of dollars from the non-profit.

“After Fairbanks Youth Advocates noticed the discrepancies in the accounts, they contacted their accountants and their forensic accountants who subsequently were able to reconcile the accounts,” Adams explained. “Basically, we found out that the Executive Director had been using the business credit card almost as a personal credit card for the entire time with charges for travel, clothing, gym memberships, a number of different personal expenses that the business would not have any need for.”

Adams continued, “After that we were able to conduct an interview with the defendant. During that, she admitted to approximately $63,000 in transactions on the credit card. But it’s suspected that amount can be as high as $90,000 in transactions.”

Wyles, who is the former Executive Director of Fairbanks Youth Advocates has been arrested and formally charged with theft in the first degree as well as scheme to defraud. FPD conducted their investigation into the embezzlement with the cooperation of the non-profit and their forensic accountants.

“When Fairbanks Youth Advocates got a hold of us, they had been able to conduct kind of an initial investigation and noticed what appeared to be the fraudulent transactions,” Adams elaborated. “After that there was a number of different things that we did basically in coordination with their cooperation in accessing account information, obtaining full statements from the credit card companies, and just back and forth with them. It wasn’t just Fairbanks Police Department, it was the cooperation of the organization that really helped in the investigation.”

And according to Adams, with the evidence collected, FPD is confident with their case going forward. “With the effective work from Fairbanks Youth Advocates and their hard work with their accountants and their forensic accountants, this is a pretty solid case. There’s not a whole lot that can really be argued on a case like this,” he said.

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