Alaska State Troopers recover two fugitives in the Two Rivers Area

Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 4:12 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - On Sunday, December 12, 2021, The Alaska State Troopers alongside other agencies became aware of two fugitives hiding in Alaska that had fled from Michigan.

The Alaska State Trooper suppression unit began investigating to find where the two individuals were. Lieutenant Mike Roberts with “D” Detachment said in an interview, “Our criminal suppression unit began investigating to identify where those two were. They were living in the Fairbanks area. They got word I think that law enforcement was looking for them and they moved out to Two Rivers into a small little dry cabin, which we ultimately found they were there.”

The fugitives, whose names have not yet been disclosed, had outstanding arrest warrants for drugs and related activity.

Roberts continued, “On Sunday we planned a joint operation - our special emergency reaction team, our criminal suppression unit, our aviation asset, and our crisis negotiator team - to go out and safely take these two into custody.”

Roberts went on to explain that the goal of deploying those resources is to try to prevent and prepare for any possible outcome.

“Ultimately the goal is to keep them safe and keep us safe so we can take a person into custody and have that opportunity to go through the criminal justice process,” he said. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt. That is why we deployed all those resources - and in this particular incident, it was highly successful.”

The different units coordinated in a joint effort to take the individuals into custody.

With help from a negotiator team, the operation concluded with the fugitives walking out of the cabin on their terms and being taken into custody by the special emergency reaction team.

“I do believe this was a success for everybody, both the people that were being arrested and the team of troopers that deployed,” Roberts said. “Anytime that we walk away without significant event, without significant incident, without anyone getting hurt, and we are able to transport someone safely to the correctional center, that is always a win.”

The residents of Two Rivers were notified when concerned locals posted in a private group on Facebook about the activity in the area.

“I just always appreciate the public’s help and assistance,” Roberts went on to say. “There were people all along the way in this investigation that led up to the apprehension that were very cooperative and helpful.”

Robert went on to thank the community for their diligence and patience during the investigation. “Really, the only way that your troopers can be successful is if we work together as a team. The community and the troopers together... this was an example of that and I am just looking forward for the opportunity to continue that relationship in the future.”

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